5 Ways Bray Wyatt can return to WWE

At WrestleMania 39, Bray Wyatt was scheduled to face Bobby Lashley in a contest.

The former Universal Champion was apparently prevented from facing The Almighty ,

By an unspecified sickness. WWE ultimately decided to cancel the competition.

Additionally excluded from the WWE Draft 2023 was Bray Wyatt. He had not received a medical clearance to compete,

According to Ringside News. There is no information on when Wyatt will return to WWE television as of this writing.

Nevertheless, Wyatt is still on the WWE roster and will undoubtedly make a comeback at some point.

According to recent rumors, the business engaged a new author to provide content for the Eater of Worlds.

Let's analyze five potential scenarios for Bray Wyatt's WWE comeback in light of the most recent reports.

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