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Alica Schmidt’s New Viral Track Video Has Fans Drooling

The internet has been jolted into action by a video showing German sprinter Alica Schmidt going through her pre-race routine.

With a total of 3.5 million followers on Instagram and an additional 1.1 million on TikTok, Alica has already established herself as one of the athletes with the most widespread appeal on social media. Given the content of some of her posts, this is not surprising at all.

Alica’s social media pages, which she uses to promote herself as the “world’s sexiest athlete,” are loaded with enticing photographs and videos of her in action. However, she is also an incredible athlete with a track record of winning medals in European competitions.

Back in 2021, when The Sun inquired about her nick moniker, she responded, “I do not know why I got this title.” “The most important thing is obviously sport.” On Instagram, there are thousands of girls that have a nice appearance but do not have nearly as many followers as you do.

However, it does not appear that the pressure has affected the sprinter in any way. In addition, she has recently published an astonishing short video of her warmup routine, which was filmed this week while she was working out on the track. Look at it for yourself down below:

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You noticed the shirtless guy attempting to act cool while he stood in the background, right? That was in point of fact a really good job all around.

Since her warmups and races consistently receive millions of views after being uploaded to TikTok, Alica must be accustomed to having her content go viral by this point.

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The fact that she is a model also works in her favor. Puma is Alica’s sponsor, and the two of them appeared together at Milan Fashion Week, where they were seen mingling with some of the most well-known people in the business.